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THCv: 2022 Facts About Δ9- Tetrahydrocannabivarin

Everything to know about THCv If you live in San Francisco, California, you have seen your share of cannabis dispensaries.
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The Truth About CBN - Cannabinol

It’s no secret that our beloved herb holds over 100 different cannabinoids in trace amounts. Give those traces to a
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The History of Cannabis

The history of cannabis in the hands of humankind may be as old as human civilization itself. As a resource,
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Laws You Need to Know Before You Buy or Consume Marijuana in San Francisco, California

Recreational cannabis was legalized on January 1st, 2018, but that doesn’t mean we earn 100% freedom with the herb. It
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Cannabis in the Kitchen: How to Make Marijuana Edibles

Photo by Toa Heftiba When we think of edible marijuana, the “pot brownie” immediately comes to mind, but that is
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What you Need to Know Before you Use a Bong

Photo by Grav on Unsplash Smoking a bong is a personal preference, but one with a few excellent benefits. By
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The Medicinal Effects and Treatments of Cannabis

For nearly one hundred years, cannabis was listed in the U.S. Pharmacopeia. That was until the American Medical Association removed
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How to Roll and Smoke a Joint (or Blunt)

Rolling a joint or blunt Do you roll your cannabis flowers the right way? Follow our easy instructions to make
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How to Dab With Cannabis Concentrates

This guide will teach you how to use cannabis concentrate products by vaporizing them through a water pipe, also known
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Your Guide to Cannabis Consumption

Know the basics before you buy! With so many options on the market, choosing which cannabis product to use can
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Contrary to popular stereotypes, using cannabis does not automatically result in lazy, unproductive couchlock. In fact, certain cannabis strains are
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Insomnia affects all of us from time to time. Consistent sleeplessness often results in a prescription for sleeping pills, which
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“There’s weed that don’t make you hungry? For real? Honey, this changes everything.” That was my Lyft driver’s response when
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