Could You Be Consuming the Wrong Strain?

Cannabis Strain Information

With hundreds of strains of cannabis available on the market, it’s hard to believe that they can all be traced back to the same two species. Just like every wine in existence starts with nothing more than grapes, every strain of cannabis originates from either Indica or Sativa (or a hybrid of both). But it isn’t as simple as picking what tastes good to us. These two plants affect our bodies in extremely different ways. And sometimes we pick the wrong strain.

(And some effects can be dangerous with certain pre-existing conditions!)

Finding the right strain that suits your needs and tastes will become much easier after reading our comprehensive guide.

Cannabinoids: CBD and THC

Before we get into the difference between indica and sativa, it’s important to know your cannabinoids, especially the two big players THC and CBD. If you aren’t familiar with them, head over to Your Guide to Cannabis Consumption.

Want us to give it to you short and sweet?

CBD – produces little to no psychoactive effects and is commonly used for health reasons; to assist with stress, promote better sleep, treat nausea, and provide pain relief.

THC – creates the psychoactive effect cannabis is known for.

Although every product should have the species and cannabinoids clearly labeled on its package, it can be a tedious task to read all that tiny print. Luckily for you, there is a life hack that can make decoding marijuana easy!

Haze vs Kush

When browsing through mountains of cannabis products, picking one can be tricky. You might have a favorite or a recommended strain from a friend and just stick to that. It’s a safe and sure bet you’ll enjoy it, right?

Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it might not be the best choice for you… And if it’s the wrong strain, it could mess you up big time.

First of all, being able to identify the species of plant will give you important clues to what your dose will do for you.

Haze and Kush are popular words used in strain names to give people a strong hint about its character. Haze is applied to Sativa dominant strains, and Kush is used for Indica dominant traits. And generally speaking, indica comes with more physical effects like couchlock, intense relaxation, and sleepiness.

But don’t assume that Haze and Kush are the only words used. These days, some strains sound like ice cream flavors, such as “Cookies and Cream.” In that case, you better ask your budtender for a little more information.

Now, you can have confidence in what is behind the names, but we also need to know how Sativa and Indica affect our bodies. Remember, they are very different!

image of cannabis plant strain; Photo by Matthew Sichkaruk on Unsplash

Sativa vs Indica

Instead of writing at length about each of these and boring you, we have outlined the two species in a handy chart that you can print out and take to the dispensary!

image of chart with sativa and indica effects to help you avoid the wrong strain

This chart will help you to make an informed decision when choosing a product for your individual needs.

Caution: Always seek the advice of a medical professional before self-medicating with cannabis products. Your doctor should diagnose and suggest treatment for all health problems. If you have questions about a specific strain, ask your budtender or contact Medithrive.

image of stethoscope as concept for medical advice about avoiding the wrong strain; Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

When to Avoid a Strain

Although Indica is great for pain, it can be the wrong strain for people with mood disorders. The sleepy effect of this herb can lower your motivation, worsening depression symptoms. Avoiding strains that originate from Cannabis Indica is a smart precaution if you have a hard time completing daily tasks or experience emotional lows regularly. Reach for Sativa strains instead to get a mood boost.

On the flip side, if you have anxiety, steer clear of Sativa! This stimulating species can cause paranoia and panic attacks in those with GAD, social anxiety, schizophrenia, and anyone who might be considered “high strung.” (You know who you are.) In fact, many studies have found supporting evidence that Sativa has the potential to cause psychotic episodes in those at risk; However, CBD has shown promise in countering these symptoms. You guessed it! These folks need to chill with an Indica strain instead.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The more we learn about marijuana, the more we realize how versatile it is. There is a bud to suit everyone. It just takes a little research or a knowledgeable budtender to figure out which one is right for you.

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