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InterMisión Live Rosin Cartridges are Here

InterMisión is unleashing the fuego para la gente (fire for the people) with 3 incredible live rosin cartridges. 


And you can only find it at MediThrive!

Choose from 3 Delicious Cannabis Strains

1. Sativa: Lemon OG

2. Hybrid: Pink Certz

3. Indica: Gelato

Carefully Crafted for High Quality

Delight in the smooth and potent flavor of InterMisión. As you draw its smoke through the tapered mouthpiece of its ceramic cartridges, it delivers the perfect burn and feel

Always flash frozen to preserve the story of the plant, this premium live rosin captures the authenticity of the Mission District in San Francisco, California.


Affordable for Everyone


InterMisión is more than just high-quality live rosin—it’s a piece of the Mission spirit at a price you can really vibe with. 

Exactly how much? 

At only $40 for 1 full gram, everyone can come together for an InterMisión!

But there’s more to this story. It’s time to take a moment to yourself. Because you’re invited to celebrate the community, traditions, and culture that make the Mission District truly special. 

Join us on this journey and enjoy the quality live rosin you deserve at one of the lowest prices in San Francisco, CA.


Our Story is Your Story

The Mission District’s birth changed San Francisco forever …

It breathed life into the city and gave it heart.

El corazón can be seen with thousands of art pieces that celebrate our stories, las historias of a diverse community and its rich history. 

But these stories have only begun because Distrito de la Misión continues to grow.

Your story is full of personal triumphs, both large and small, and we are here to celebrate each one with you.

Whether you want to chill out, connect with others, or go on an adventure, you can elevate that experience with our premium live rosin.


Don’t wait for a break!


Hit the pause button on your busy life and treat yourself to an InterMisión. 

Then get back out there and keep your story going!


Buy InterMisión Now!

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