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Our dispensary at 1933 Mission Street is full of cannabis history. This location has been an operational cannabis dispensary since 1996, originally opened during the AIDs epidemic. Even Dennis Peron has visited the location! Stop by and see what this historic location has to offer you.

On an empty plot of land, we sewed our seeds,unaware of what would grow…

In 1978, the Breyburg family settled down in California. They had immigrated to the United
States from the Soviet Union as humble carpenters and contractors. As their business grew,
they became real estate developers. In the 1980s, they bought empty land and began to build
upon it. One of the structures was 1933 Mission Street in San Francisco, California, what is now
Medithrive. Little did they know how important this location would be.

It pushed out shoots, and produced buds…

The Mission District grew and so too did its attraction. The Breyburg family rented out their
buildings to twenty tenants and two shopkeepers. One day in 1996, they gave the keys to Mr. Marijuanna himself, Dick Evans. After many years of selling medical cannabis through his
Patients and Caregivers Health Center, Evans moved on. The Breyburg developer’s son, Misha
Breyburg, took over the storefront in 2009, redesigned it, and opened as Medithrive.

And grew…

Medithrive stood out among the rest as a sophisticated, medical marijuana boutique.
Budtenders welcomed guests behind elegant cases instead of the bulletproof glass their
competitors toted. High tech computer systems efficiently recorded club members. Medithrive’s
classy, weed-wise, and friendly staff demonstrated the power of knowledge to serve and
educate their customers and rocketed the dispensary into instant success.

Yet it was far from happily ever after.

There was a war being waged between states and the federal government, and soon Medithrive
earned its own battle scars.

In 2011, Barack Obama targeted legal, medical cannabis dispensaries. The federal government
fought dispensary owners and the over 700,000 Americans who were prescribed marijuanna to
cope with their health conditions. Haag, the U.S. attorney for Northern California, threatened to
seize their property and lock them out of the banking system. The IRS took away standard tax
reductions. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union estimated that these measures
caused at least 2,500 people to lose their jobs in California alone. As the government took away
the rights of respectable budtenders, it forced desperate people dying from cancer and suffering
from seizures to turn to the streets to find sellers, and criminals prospered.

Hundreds of dispensaries were forced to close their doors forever, but Medithrive persevered
and continued to serve the people of San Francisco. During the darkest times, they were
focused on their delivery services to ensure that hundreds of medical marijuana prescriptions
were filled despite the onslaught of penalties and risks involved.

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