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Here at MediThrive Cannabis Dispensary, we know that nothing compares to the personal experience of smoking flower. The most natural form of the full-spectrum, whole plant, the compounds work together synergistically to provide a potent, effective and almost immediate effect. With sativa, hybrid, indica and CBD options, we include a diversity of flavors, terpenes and THC levels and are always available to help you find the strain of cannabis flower that’s right for you.

A Vast Selection of Flower Products

While every consumption method offers unique benefits, other processors just can’t duplicate the broad range of compounds occurring within the flower’s matrix. MediThrive Cannabis Dispensary welcomes you to browse our vast and rewarding selection of quality flower. Cultivated to an unmatched level of perfection, we include the best from Greenline, Good Flower, Green Dawg, FloraCal, Northern Emeralds, Alien Labs and the most well-regarded names in the industry.


Flower is wonderfully versatile. There is a method for everyone. From artful handheld ceramic and glass pipes to bongs and pre-rolls, a customized experience waits for you at our two locations. Check out what’s on the shelves, our daily specials or make selections online for delivery anywhere across San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Mission District, Fisherman’s Wharf, North Beach, Union Square, Potrero Hill, Bernal Heights, Nob Hill, Castro & SOMA, CA. As the oldest dispensary anywhere in the country, we at MediThrive Cannabis Dispensary have a special fondness for the tradition of flower and look forward to sharing it with you.

Can Smoking Cannabis Reduce Anxiety?

With effects ranging from energizing to calming, marijuana offers opportunities as a therapeutic treatment. When THC enters the body, it attaches to CB1 and CB2 receptors that communicate with the brain and triggers a response. Your response is going to be unique. The strains of the plant affect the same person differently. Strain can include sativa, indica & hybrid.

Cannabis has been used as a natural treatment for anxiety for years. While studies are limited, many people are sharing their success stories. Keep in mind that age and genetics as well as the harvest conditions of the marijuana plant can impact the effects. When purchasing your flower from MediThrive Cannabis Dispensary, you can be sure of quality as well as the specific THC and CBD content. If you’re just starting out, we always recommend starting slow and consider lower THC and higher CBD.

Turn to flower to reduce stress

When used regularly, marijuana has been shown to lower cortisol (the stress hormone). It also affects the GABA receptor, which can produce a calming effect and help with feelings of anxiety, fear and stress. Smoking flower is the most popular consumption method and provides options, such as joints, bongs or bowls. You can also take advantage of the convenience and consistency of pre-rolls. With inhalation, the onset of effects is almost immediate.

The educated and experienced staff from MediThrive Cannabis Dispensary are happy to guide you through our exceptional selection of flower. The rich colors, abundance of trichomes and outstanding terpenes ensure quality and maximum benefits. We look forward to explaining options and helping you determine the perfect treatment for your exact needs.

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