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As the oldest operational medical marijuana dispensary in the country, MediThrive Cannabis Dispensary continues to champion awareness and acceptance. Every year, we recognize April 20 or 4/20 as a holiday for promoting cannabis culture. Inviting our friends and neighbors across San Francisco & the Contra Costa County region to share in the occasion, we encourage a full exploration of our extensive menu. Consider our amazing concentrates as the best way to celebrate.

Cannabis Concentrates, Wax & Shatter Delivered to Your Door!

Separate out the most valuable chemical components from the bulk plant material and what’s left is a concentrated form of cannabis. Outstanding potency and incredible terpenes are just the start. THC-rich batter, shatter, diamonds, crumble and a wide range of consistencies minimize exposure to carbon monoxide during consumption for a healthier alternative. Shop industry standouts from MediThrive Cannabis Dispensary.

Get to Know Our Concentrates

Hash – If you’re looking to kick it old school, then hash is where it’s at. This densely-packed favorite is made from the delicious trichomes that bring cannabis flower its frosty appearance. Hash can be sprinkled into a joint, packed into a bowl, or even enjoyed in a dab rig.
Shatter – Imagine a tasty slab of peanut brittle with a translucent, amber coloration. That’s shatter. It’s typically enjoyed in a dab rig and absolutely delicious.
Live Resin – This concentrate is often found in vape pens, but it can also be enjoyed in a dab rig. In terms of consistency, it sits somewhere between a sauce and a wax. Think of it like taffy filled to the brim with terpenes. The “live” part of this term means that the cannabis used to make it was frozen rather than dried, which can make it taste fresher.
Rosin – Not to be confused with the “resin” above, Rosin is created without the use of chemicals. Like other concentrates, it can be enjoyed in a dab rig or by creatively adding it to dried flower.

Browse our shelves and ask our friendly budtenders to share insight into our array of concentrates and how to enjoy them. Let us help you find the perfect fit for your needs. Give us a call at 415-562-6334 or order online for in-store pickup, and we’ll have your selections ready for you when you arrive. Opt our convenient cannabis delivery service for quicker turnaround anywhere across San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Mission District, Fisherman’s Wharf, North Beach, Union Square, Potrero Hill, Bernal Heights, Nob Hill, Castro & SOMA, CA. Find a better experience from MediThrive Cannabis Dispensary!

Get the party started with concentrates from MediThrive Cannabis Dispensary

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