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1933 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94103 415-562-6334
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The Medi In Medithrive — Our Roots Run Deep in SF

Although we are a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary and delivery service, we cannot forget our roots!

Our thanks and gratitude goes out to Denis Peron who ended the “War on Pot” and gave us the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, otherwise known as Proposition 215. Furthermore, Prop. 215 gave the people of California the right to consume cannabis as medicine when given a recommendation by a doctor.

Medithrive and all other medical cannabis dispensaries helped people with life-threatening diseases such as AIDs and cancer.


This is our history! You are our future.

Healing Wounds

For decades, the “Drug War” on cannabis was waged between the government and the people. However, those scars are not gone, and we are still mending those open wounds. Moreover, the victims were disproportionately minorities, especially people of color. And this demands attention; it must be rectified.

The Medithrive Team and its stakeholders stand firm for fairness and work to right this great injustice.

California is our home, and we give back in every way we can.

Community is important to us.

You are important to us.

Thriving Together

Our location was one of the first original dispensary locations to open and the only one from that time period that still stands as a cannabis dispensary.

It first opened in 1996, during the AIDS epidemic, as a purely medical cannabis dispensary. Then, in 2009, we remodeled and rebranded as Medithrive.


Now, Medithrive wanted to offer its community a positive environment.

We are committed to offering the community an open, inviting, safe,
friendly and beautiful store to visit.

On the Front Lines

Medithrive joined the good fight, and our battle began with the government. The operators, staff, and even the senior landlords faced an onslaught of threats and attacks by the local, state, and federal government. Despite the unwarranted threats, interference, and intimidation tactics of the government, we were determined to remain in the Mission District and provide a much-needed service to the community.

We make it our mission to continue to fight for, support, and give back as much as we can.

Homegrown Independent Business

Medithrive has been and always will be locally owned and operated in San Francisco, California. Furthermore, we are not a sizable corporation that depends on investors and the stock market for its survival.

Our passion and care for the community started right here on Mission Street. We have been here since the beginning, and we are here to stay!

We are a small, independent business that creates a genuinely warm and inviting environment for you to visit.

We believe:

  • Medical cannabis should always be available to everyone who receives a recommendation for it.
  • People 21 or older should have the right to purchase and use recreational cannabis responsibly.
  • We must restore social equity to those who helped to build, create, and nurture this legal cannabis community that we know and love today.

At Medithrive, we work hard to serve you. Supporting legalized cannabis, diversity, fairness, and your freedom has been our goal for over 11 years!

Visit our online store today and check out all we have to offer you!

image of inside MediThrive dispensary and cannabis delivery service

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