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4 Simple Shopping Habits That Can Help Reduce Cannabis Dispensary Crime in SF

If you don’t live in a bubble, you may have heard about the recent string of robberies involving cannabis dispensaries in San Francisco, including the kidnapping of a Stiiizy manager in February 2023. The cannabis dispensary crime rate has been rising, and we want to keep you safe.

So if this is the first time you’re hearing about this, listen up!

Cannabis merchants are doing the best they can to prevent these crimes, but the community can have a huge impact too.

Did you know the way you shop for cannabis in SF can make a difference and prevent crime?

We know what it’s like to live in a big city like San Francisco, California. You need to take every precaution you can, but you also need to keep doing what you’re passionate about.

Above all, we need to look out for one another. That’s why programs like the Neighborhood Watch were conceived, and why they work so well.

But when you’re shopping for your favorite cannabis brand or product, you want to relax and unwind, not worry about criminals! Your cannabis store should be a sanctuary where you find the right item, whether it’s a Sativa or Indica strain, flower, resin, or rosin!

That’s why the team at MediThrive has outlined four shopping habits you can adopt that can reduce SF cannabis retail crime.

Here are 4 ways your shopping habits can help curb crime against cannabis dispensaries in SF

Stay alert.

When you visit any cannabis dispensary in San Francisco, we urge you to be aware of your surroundings and call the police if you notice anything suspicious.

Not only can this keep you safe, but it can also potentially prevent criminal incidents from happening altogether. So don’t be afraid to speak up if you notice anything unusual or concerning. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Pay with a card.

It’s best if you use a credit card or debit card payment to reduce the amount of cash your favorite dispensary has on hand at all times.

Not all dispensaries accept credit cards and debit cards like we do, but we recommend that you choose that option as often as possible.

Shop early

When you visit dispensaries earlier in the day, they have a chance to reduce the number of large bills they keep in their register.

This also allows the dispensary to close earlier in the evening, avoiding times when these robberies are more likely to occur.

Choose delivery.

Our number one concern is the safety of our customers and staff. That’s why we remain fully staffed and train our team on best practices in the event of a hostile encounter.

But no matter how prepared we may be, one of the best ways you can help is by choosing our delivery option and paying with a card.

By letting us come to your door and keeping cash out of our pockets, it doesn’t make any of us a worthy target.

Start Your Delivery Order Now

MediThrive has been and always will be a community leader in the Mission District of San Francisco and beyond. We are the oldest dispensary location in the nation, and it’s because of our incredible neighbors that we have come this far.

Thank you for all of your support over the past two decades. We will get through this difficult time together because you are awesome!

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