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Community Outreach

soup kitchen

Many things are best achieved with charity and philanthropy, but there are others which are much more personally gratifying and better done by direct involvement. We at Medithrive have done this through various community outreach volunteer work including:

  • Soup kitchens
  • Food drives
  • Clothes donations
  • Blankets for the homeless
  • Supplying computers and physical education equipment to Marshall Elementary School
  • Golden Gate Park clean up after 420 celebrations

We have always performed these acts humbly and privately, but now we see that the community wants to know. So in moving forward, we will share our interactions with hope that we may inspire others to do the same.

Some of our upcoming Community Outreach plans
  • Thanksgiving turkey donations
  • Toys donations for Christmas
  • Clothing and blanket drive for homeless
  • Street clean up
Our Efforts
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Support for Formr
Good design, doing good.

We create clever designs, with a purpose: Objects. With Conviction.

We believe that a brand is strong and all around better when it stands behind a cause (or two). That’s why we focus on two very important causes that are in dire need of our support: recidivism and construction waste.

Over 500 million tons of construction debris is generated in the US annually. If we can divert even a small percentage of waste from going into overflowing landfills, and use it to make cool stuff, why not? We create relationships with contractors to get access to job sites. Then we sort through the debris and bring back the best materials to our shop. After removing nails and other hardware, we clean the material and begin fabrication.

Our designs begin with great attention to detail as we redefine the function of every object. Our OverLAP is a great example of the multi-use design of our products. Check us out on Instagram @theformr to see more of our process.

The good doesn’t stop there. We know that people released from incarceration need opportunities. Many companies choose not to hire formerly incarcerated individuals, but we believe in giving people hope for a successful fresh start and a second chance.

When you buy a Formr object, you get this story to proudly share with your friends. Thanks for your support. You rock!

-Sasha Plotitsa

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