We all want our cannabis to last a little bit longer, don’t we?

In order to get the absolute most out of their marijuana, a lot of people are leaning toward various different cannabis concentrates. And while we’ve covered concentrates in multiple forms, such as tinctures and CBD oil, we must consider the fact that some concentrates contain chemical residue left over from the extraction process.

Enter rosin.

What is Rosin?

What is rosin? Musicians may have heard the word before, since it originated from the apparatus used to lubricate the bow of a violin, but please don’t try to smoke your musical instruments. When it comes to cannabis, the word is used to describe the process of extracting the concentrate from the plant using a combination of heat and pressure.

Once the process is complete, you’re left with an extremely potent wax-like substance that’s simply packed with cannabinoids.

Perhaps you’ve heard about this process before under a different name, like BHO or CO2 oil? Both are examples of potent extracts, so what makes rosin so special? The difference is simple: one requires solvents to create, like butane or propane, and those solvents usually stick around inside the final product. If you’re smoking something for its purity, having chemicals mixed up in it kind of defeats its purpose.

Rosin, meanwhile, has become so popular due to its simple, solventless technique. In fact, the process involves items you probably already have around the house: a hair straightener, some parchment paper, and a tool to collect the extract. If you have those three household objects (and your favorite flower, of course), you’re already set to make your own completely natural, solvent-free rosin with a yield that will rival the very best BHO!

How to Prepare

Step 1: With your hair straightener warming up on its lowest setting, fold a small piece of parchment paper in half. Place your cannabis inside and press down with your fingers.

Step 2: Using your hair straightener, carefully place your folded paper in between the two heating plates and clamp the straightener shut. Push down hard for about 5 to 8 seconds. A sizzling sound coming from your parchment is a good indicator that the extract has melted from the plant.

Step 3: Release pressure and carefully remove your parchment. Open it up, and you’ll find the gooey rosin. Use your collecting tool to remove it all from the paper.

And that’s it! Considering BHO and CO2 oil take days to prepare, you can understand what is rosin and why it has become the go-to method.

Some of Our Favorites

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 3.37.20 PM

We also recommend a variety of rosin products carried at Medithrive. Some of our favorites, by strain, include the following:


Sour OG Hash from Dr. Ladybug and Baroni Tangie Extra Virgin from The Clear.

Hybrid Sativa

Clementine Flower or Super Glue, both from Candy Stripe.


Dawg Walker Terp from Bubble Man, and Black Label OG or Lime Pop from Frenchy Cannoli.


Baroni Pure Kong Kush Extra Virgin from The Clear and 90s Glue from ET Farms.

In a world where cannabis is becoming more and more accepted both medicinally and recreationally, what is rosin? It’s quickly becoming the fastest and simplest means of creating a potent high, free from outside chemicals and easy to make at home. A lot of people are jumping on the rosin train, making it a phenomenon that the entire cannabis community is paying attention to. With its high potency and MacGyver-style means of creation, maybe it’ll be your new favorite, too?