What are tinctures? The short answer is liquid that has been infused with cannabis. Tinctures are a type of concentrate, meaning they are a more potent form of cannabis. Tinctures are in fact the oldest mass-market way of extracting and consuming the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant. Physicians in the 19th and 20th centuries prescribed tinctures for a range of medical ailments.

How Are Tinctures Made?

Tinctures are usually created by soaking the leaf trim or whole bud flower of cannabis in a nearly or fully pure alcohol extraction solution. The alcohol is eventually strained from the plant material, and the remaining tinctures are stored in 1- to 5-ounce dark brown medicine bottles featuring eyedropper caps. This protects the tincture from sunlight that could otherwise break down the THC or CBD.


How Are Tinctures Consumed?

Now that you’ve satisfied your curiosity about what are tinctures, you might be wondering how exactly to consume them. It’s pretty simple: Use the eyedropper cap to place a drop or two of the tincture under your tongue, and you’re good to go! Some users recommend not swallowing the liquid right away, but instead leaving it under your tongue to give it some time to absorb over a minute or two.

Tinctures can also be infused with edibles or drinks, although the onset of the effects will take longer, as it does with edibles. Just fill the dropper with your desired dose and then drop it onto or into whatever you want to infuse.  

Medicinal Advantages

Tinctures are often considered more medicinal than recreational due their tremendous advantage over edibles and smoking in terms of offering rapid relief and allowing for discreet consumption. Unlike edibles, the effects of tinctures can be felt rather rapidly, usually within 15 minutes. Tinctures are known for quickly delivering a peak and then bringing a steady high over a long period of time. And unlike smoking and using other types of concentrates, tinctures can be consumed inconspicuously in public.

In the case of treating certain medical conditions, tinctures can also be made to allow for little to no psychoactive effects. We recommend the 3:1 High CBD Treat Well Tincture.  

A Tincture For Any Circumstance

At Medithrive, we offer tinctures in a variety of cannabinoid ratios and strains. The Night Time Tincture combines indica with the calming herbs of lavender and chamomile to aid patients battling insomnia and pain, while the Day Time Tincture blends sativa with other anti-depressant herbs such as ginger root and echinacea. We even have Pet Tinctures specifically formulated for our furry friends!

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