Cannabis has found its way into many of our favorite tasty treats for decades (some would even argue centuries!), but you may still be asking yourself: What are edibles? It is important to gain as much knowledge as you can about your medication, especially when it comes to edibles.

What Are Edibles?

Simply put, edibles are foods infused with cannabis. Today, edibles come in a large variety: most people have heard of the classic pot brownie, but the term can also describe everything from fruity drinks to lozenges. While you can make your own edibles at home, dispensaries offer professionally dosed products so you don’t have the fear of consuming too much.  

Edibles have become a popular alternative to smoking, offering users a unique experience of THC and CBD both recreationally and medicinally. While smoking cannabis enters the body through the lungs, edibles induce cannabis effects through gastrointestinal uptake, oral uptake, or a combination of the two.


Gastrointestinal Uptake

These types of edibles are geared towards gastrointestinal absorption. Because the cannabis is not absorbed until it reaches the stomach, this method is known to take longer to produce an effect. While it takes longer for the cannabis to be absorbed into your body, the effects tend to last longer than other edibles.

Some great gastrointestinal uptake edibles from Medithrive include the Ultimate Medicated Brownie, Peanut Butter Medi Cookie, and Chili Lime Peanuts.


Oral Uptake

These types of edibles are geared towards oral absorption. Unlike gastrointestinal uptake, because this method of absorption happens in the mouth, patients can be known to feel the effects immediately. While patients receive immediate relief, this method is also known to wear off faster than other edibles.

Some great oral uptake edibles from Medithrive include Lemon Lollie, Canni-Soothe, and Night Time Tincture.


These types of edibles offer the best of both worlds. Using a combination of oral and gastrointestinal absorption, these edibles offer fast-acting relief with long-lasting effects.

Some great hybrid edibles from Medithrive include Terra Espresso Beans, Tangerine Drink, and Milk Chocolate Bar.

Know The Effects of Edibles

The type of absorption method you choose is only one factor of the experience you will have. The potency of the edible, your personal tolerance and body chemistry, and how much you’ve had to eat before consumption all have an influence on how the edible will affect you.

Many patients have turned to edibles because they either can’t or choose not to inhale smoke. Edibles also leave patients with a longer-lasting high that offers a different experience than smoking cannabis. Consuming edibles is known to give patients a “body” high, while smoking tends to give patients more of a “head” high.

Eating And Dosing Responsibly

As you read above, there are many factors that go into how edibles can affect you. Each person is unique, meaning the perfect dosage is different for everyone. Make sure that you talk with your budtender to ensure that you are getting the right type of edible and dosage. It is also very important to make sure that you don’t consume edibles on an empty stomach. This will cause the effects of the cannabis to intensify, so make sure that you pre-snack.

Handling Over-Consumption

Remember, edibles take longer to induce an effect than smoking! It is best to wait an hour to assess how you feel before you decide to take more.

Signs of an edibles overdose include paranoia, lack of coordination, and hallucinations.

The good news is you don’t need to seriously worry if you think that you ate too much. As of today, there have been zero cases of a cannabis overdose. Lie back, keep yourself hydrated, and satisfy your munchies as you ride it out. After the effects wear off, and you take a good nap, you should begin to feel better.

If need be, you can also ingest pure CBD to combat the effects of a THC overdose. CBD has been found to “even out” the high in a more timely fashion. A CBD tincture or any other pure CBD edible can help.

Now that you know what edibles are, don’t be afraid to take a bite! Check out the large selection of edibles that Medithrive has to offer, including chocolates, candies, and popcorn. Come visit or place your delivery order today!