As cannabis legalization becomes more widespread, so do the ways in which we consume it. If you’ve found yourself wondering what are concentrates, we can tell you they are just that – concentrated, purified forms of the cannabis flower. To put it more technically, concentrates apply to any product derived through a cannabinoid extraction process.

How Concentrates Are Made

Concentrates are most commonly made by extracting cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids such as THC and CBD with a solvent such as butane and CO2. The solution is then strained to remove all plant matter and leftover solvent, with the goal to extract the plant’s THC- and CBD-producing resin glands – which is why the resulting product is so potent.

Types of Concentrates

There are many types of concentrates, and while there are advancements made everyday in terms of improving production, at Medithrive we carry all popular forms, such as rosin and high terpene extractions. Learn a little more about the various types of concentrates below.


Hash, or hashish, is produced through shaking the flowers to drop the resin glands onto silk screens. The sieved product is referred to as kief or dry sieve, which can be compressed into blocks of hash or left as a powdery residue. Check out our Presse Hashish Rosin.

Another type of hash gaining popularity is bubble hash, which gets its name from the bubbles that form when the product is heated and ready to be used. Bubble hash can range from brown or black in color all the way to green or yellow, and also varies in texture.


The two most common types of solvent used to make oil concentrates are butane, or BHO, and CO2. Oil is sticky like honey, and usually used in vape pens. Cannabis oils can be dabbed as well, however it can be messier than other concentrates when getting it onto your dabber. More often than not, the oil will string out, resulting in the concentrate getting on items around you rather than the dabber alone. BHO in particular is extremely potent, so it is often used for treating chronic pain. Some of our favorite CO2 oils include Kandy Kush and OG Kush.



Wax is the product of whipping butane hash oil during the extraction process. Its consistency is thicker than oil and often contains a similar percentage of THC. It can be consumed by dabbing as well as topped on a bowl of flower or spread onto a joint paper before rolling. When wax takes on a soft, brittle texture during the extraction process, it is called crumble or honeycomb. Some of our favorites are Helix Wax and Starburst Crumble.


Shatter is a refined version of BHO extraction, usually created at the hands of a more skillful cannabis grower with a pressure vacuum. It’s semi-transparent, often with a yellow or amber hue, and “shatters” when you break a piece off. It can also be extremely potent, with THC levels at upwards of 90 percent. Here at Medithrive, we love Zkittlez Shatter and Headband Shatter.



Rosin is gaining popularity as a solventless solution to concentrates, meaning no foreign substances are needed during the extraction process. Instead, rosin uses a mechanical process involving heat and pressure to extract the resin from the plant. The result is a translucent, sappy, and sometimes shatter-like product. We recommend Sour Patch Hash Rosin and Girl Scout Cookies Flow Rosin.


A tincture is an extraction of the whole cannabis plant, including the leaves and flowers. Tinctures are almost always in liquid form and are often flavored to provide a better taste. They are popular with customers who prefer a healthier alternative to smoking or vaporizing cannabis, since tincture is placed directly under the tongue or added to your favorite drink. At Medithrive, we have tinctures for Night Time and Day Time!

The Effects of Concentrates

Due to the use of open flames and chemical solvents, concentrate-making is best left to those with experience. Now that you know what are concentrates, it’s also important to be aware of the fast-acting and intense effects these products can potentially yield. In order to dose responsibly, make sure you know the percentage of THC in the product you buy, as well as the suggested dosage amount. Your budtender should be more than happy to fill you in if you have any questions regarding what are concentrates and how much to take.  

Dealing With a Too-Intense High

If you DO happen to take on a little too much in the way of concentrates, just remember – there has never been a record of anyone actually overdosing on cannabis! The important thing is to relax and ride out the high in a comfortable setting with little stimulation. Keep yourself hydrated and take a nap as the effects begin to wear off.  

Check out the large selection of concentrates that Medithrive has to offer. Come visit or place your delivery order today!