Let’s be real: Thanksgiving is a holiday held in very high regard by many cannabis connoisseurs. Just like wine and beer, certain strains of cannabis happen to pair particularly well with certain classic holiday dishes. Get inspired to have a Thanksgiving dinner that’s even more festive than usual this year with 4 of our favorite pairings below.

Turkey – Durban Poison

Counteract the sleepy effects of turkey’s tryptophan with the sweet smell and energetic effects of Durban Poison. This strain is a pure sativa, popular across the world for its saccharine scent and uplifting physical sensations. The reasons that make this the perfect choice to power your productivity on the busiest of days are also what makes this thoughtful strain a compelling pairing with the laze-inducing stupor of turkey.

Thanksgiving Strains - Turkey

Sweet Potatoes – Strawberry Kush

The lush taste of sweet potatoes calls for a strain that is strong, yet not overpowering. Strawberry Kush is our immediate recommendation for its warm and gentle effects. The sugary aftertaste of this hybrid strain is a great flavor companion to the sweetness of these root vegetables, but be aware of Strawberry Kush’s potential creeper capabilities! One or two less hits than usual should do you just right with this popular strain.

Thanksgiving Strains - Sweet Potatoes

Green Bean Casserole – OG Kush

Of course, you can’t have Thanksgiving without a variety of veggie dishes. Next to sweet potatoes, green bean casserole is at the top of the list when it comes to quintessential holiday sides, deserving an equally quintessential strain – enter OG Kush. (This time, the G stands for green bean!) With a combination of earthy pine and sour lemon that’s just right, OG Kush is a functional hybrid strain that will give you a pleasant, social buzz as you enjoy dinner.

Thanksgiving Strains - Green Beans

Pumpkin Pie – Dream Queen

Sure, the turkey might think it’s the star of the Thanksgiving show, but we all know the true star is really the deeply adored pumpkin pie. The ideal strain of cannabis to consume alongside this delicious baked treat is one with a nutty flavor, like Dream Queen with its undercurrents of espresso, too. Not only does it balance well with regard to flavor, but sativa-dominant Dream Queen’s other effects – uplifting the mood and soothing digestion – are the perfect cap to a food-filled day!

Thanksgiving Strains - Pie

This Thanksgiving, whether you’re perking up with a sativa, relaxing extra hard with an indica, or riding along somewhere in the middle with a hybrid, the perfect strain for your needs is undoubtedly to be found at Medithrive. Browse our full menu to see our latest specials, newest additions, and all your favorite strains.