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Join our San Francisco Dispensary

Medithrive is a cooperative, meaning all the medicine provided for its patients has also been produced by the patients in the collective. In order to become a member and buy our medical marijuana, you need to have a doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis, and a proof of California Residency (CA ID). If you do not have a California State Driver’s License or ID, we require another form of ID and proof of California residency (e.g., residency affidavit, utility bill, or rental lease).

Joining our San Francisco Dispensary is easy and first-time patients get a FREE GIFT! Just visit our medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco with the documents mentioned above, and you’ll be signed up in just minutes. Alternatively, you can pre-register online by following the steps below or filling out the form at the bottom:

  1. Send Medithrive a picture of your doctor’s recommendation and CA ID to [email protected]
  2. In the body of the email, include a phone number and delivery address within San Francisco.
  3. Once this email is received, a Medithrive employee at the office will make your patient profile and give you a phone call to confirm.

Note: If you are purely a storefront patient, pre-registering online is advantageous so that when you come in, your profile will be all set. You’ll check in at our San Francisco Dispensary with security by showing your doctor’s recommendation and ID, and inside you will take a photo.


Become a Vendor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Medithrive Direct Cooperative Vendor. We are committed to providing our members with the highest-quality medical cannabis at the most affordable prices. Working directly with reliable, top-notch vendors like you helps us make this goal possible. As our great industry grows, so too does the potential number of medical cannabis sources. This level of choice allows us to be highly selective.

However, we encourage any cooperative member to speak with one of our buyers.To secure your status as a trusted Medithrive Direct vendor, you must:


To become a vendor, you must also be a member. Membership including a current recommendation from a physician, is required by law. This enables us to use your unique Medithrive Direct ID number to identify you in the future. No sensitive information will be connected to this number or to your name.


We invite you to fill out the form below to schedule an appointment.


To help us accurately evaluate the quality and value of each product, we ask that you bring in at least one pound of flower and at least one ounce of any concentrate to your scheduled meeting. You must be present during the evaluation process and may discuss and negotiate the terms of your product reimbursement with one of our buyers at that time. Medithrive Direct requires that all edible vendors hold a current food-handlers license. Edible cannabis products must be delivered wrapped in opaque packaging, in addition to meeting all other San Francisco regulations.