It’s no secret that at Medithrive, we’re proud of the way our dispensary stands out in this fast-growing industry. From profiles in 7×7 and Edibles List to recent coverage in the San Francisco Chronicle, Medithrive’s unique interior and progressive design approach are catching plenty of eyes – including those of New York writer, Joe Dolce.

Dolce, former editor-in-chief of Details and Star, has just authored a new book, intriguingly titled Brave New Weed (HarperCollins, 288 pages). Dolce’s goal was to explore the evolution of mainstream culture toward cannabis; the result is an immensely readable hybrid between anthropological study and travel writing, taking the reader everywhere from the obvious Amsterdam and Colorado to the leading center of cannabis research Israel and, of course, the mecca of marijuana decriminalization: San Francisco and Northern California.

Throughout his travels, Dolce saw firsthand the shift in perceptions about the plant, highlighting and documenting the reality that is the broad spectrum of diversity among the modern cannabis user. Dolce heard the word “relationship” a lot while discussing cannabis with people as he did research for his book. “People like to talk about their ‘relationship’ with cannabis,” he told the San Francisco Chronicle, whether that’s longer-term relationships or new ones being formed by former opponents who are finally opening themselves to the reality of cannabis’s medical (and recreational) uses.

The inspiration to write the book came during a trip to rural New England in 2012; Dolce was visiting a cousin who had a basement grow room and quickly realized that, despite previous youthful experience with the plant (he used it in his 20s, but stopped in his 30s), he actually knew almost nothing about it. The world of cannabis, of course, has been completely transformed since then; Dolce decided he wanted to traverse this new world, shining a spotlight on the future of cannabis.

“The industry is growing up; we’re not talking about stoner culture or dealers anymore,” Dolce stated to the SF Chronicle – and it is precisely the growth of this industry that is not only detailed in his book, but visually symbolized by our very own dispensary.

In fact, Dolce toured Medithrive with our manager. As Tony Bravo put it for the SF Chronicle, “While many local dispensaries have looked to old-world chemist and pharmacy shops for design inspiration, Medithrive is all streamlined modernity: Microscopes project up-close looks at strains, edibles are displayed in something like a futuristic bakery counter, and museum-quality glass domes enclosing cannabis blossoms are lit with the reverence given the Hope Diamond.”

Brave New Weed is available for purchase at Medithrive.