Cannabis concentrates and edibles both offer patients a stronger and more unique experience to consume their medication, but recent policy changes for Oregon put a temporary restriction that is causing apprehensiveness within the cannabis community. The Gangapreneur article below goes over the facts of the decision and why patients shouldn’t worry.

Oregon Health Authority Updates Concentrate Policies for Betterment of Patients

By Graham Abbott

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA), facing backlash from the state’s medical marijuana community over a recent ban on the sale and production of cannabis concentrates, displayed a more progressive understanding of the crisis now facing patients situation in new rules rolled out this week.

The OHA’s recent ban on concentrates was intended only as a temporary condition — specifically, the agency banned the sale of concentrates that were produced by an unlicensed entity, which, because there are currently no licenses available, functioned as a blanket ban on that entire aspect of the industry.

The new rules, however, make some much-needed clarifications about the legality of extracts in Oregon.

Specifically, concentrates and edibles that are currently in circulation will be allowed to stay there. Furthermore, processors who have submitted a completed application by to the OHA can begin operating on April 1 under a provisional license. The rights to a provisional license will be removed October 1, 2016, after enough producers and processors have been officially licensed.