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The Medithrive staff stands strong and united as independent thinkers who come together to share in our passion for life and the cannabis industry.
Love for Life
Love for Cannabis
United to make a difference
The heart of the Medithrive Team

Medithrive culture is positive and enthusiastic, adopting each team member as family. Each one of us holds an important role in the company and adds an exciting blend of new traditions and cultures. A melting pot of ethnicities, backgrounds, creeds, and languages, we celebrate our differences!

Hand in hand (and paw) we stand together to offer you the best experience and customer service possible.

Now, you get a chance to learn a little about each of us yourself!

The Medithrive Team

aj g.

Job Title: Inventory Specialist
Joined Medithrive: March 2020

AJ was born in Ulaabaatar, Mongolia in the 1990s and immigrated to America with his family when he was in elementary school. He grew up in the Bay Area and went to college in San Luis Obispo, California, with the intentions of entering the cannabis industry. He has learned an immense amount from his experiences so far and has even more ambition than ever to develop his career. He lives by the motto, “Don’t judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes.” And if you traveled a mile in his, it would cause you to work up a sweat! When he isn’t working at Medithrive, he enjoys hiking, biking, and playing disk golf. In his leisure, you’ll find him reading in his hammock or enjoying fish tacos at Tacos Sinaloa.

cesar r.

Job Title: Safety Host
Joined Medithrive: October 2018

Cesar was born in El Salvador, San Salvador in the 1980s. He is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish fluently which helps him to communicate effectively to Spanish speaking customers who might need his protection. He loves his job as a security guard and wouldn’t give it up for the world. When he’s not on the clock, you might find him playing video games or eating pupusas, his favorite food!

Elijah h.

Job Title: Delivery Specialist
Joined Medithrive: December 2019

Elijah was born in Vallejo, California, in the 1990s. He dabbles in languages, knowing a little French and Spanish and admires nature, preferring the simplicity of flowers (that he smokes). His personal mission is to learn and inform the world of the healthy benefits of cannabis.

Working at Medithrive brings him joy because he has the opportunity to genuinely help people. When he isn’t working, you might find him skateboarding, rapping, singing, playing video games, or cooking his favorite dish, tacos! Who doesn’t love tacos? His dog agrees and wants Elijah to share. When he isn’t sharing tacos, he’s making memories with his family on an epic camping trip!

hector b.

Job Title: Cannabis Consultant / Delivery Specialist / Coordinator
Joined Medithrive: December 2018

Hector was born in the Virginia Beach area. From there, he traveled to Washington D.C. before making his way to San Francisco, California. His education and skill set in technology led him to the cannabis industry. “I have no regrets!” He has come to love the cannabis community and the many people he has met along the way. He covers all of the IT related bases at Medithrive but also performs many other tasks including coordinating deliveries, marketing, and sales. His mentor, Sativa, is teaching him everything she knows one on one during walks and drives. He credits her as a beneficial influence in his continued growth in the company and tries to walk in her paw prints.

Hector loves to make people laugh and lives by the quote, “If you can’t say anything nice, at least make it funny!” When he isn’t being the comedic star employee of Medithrive, he goes home to his own puppy, Jameson, and takes him to the beach or on adventures through the streets of San Francisco.

Ian J.

Job Title: Cannabis Consultant / Sales Manager
Joined Medithrive: May 2019

Ian was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, a prohibition state, but moved to California to follow his dreams of being a part of the cannabis industry. For 15 years, he has worked in the industry and strongly believes that it is his true calling in life. When he isn’t working, he enjoys some 6* hash and rosin–“Fire in, Fire out!” Solventless extracts are his absolute favorite form of cannabis because it is “the truest expression of the plant.” His beloved canine companion, Sativa, is Medithrive’s Chief Morale Officer.

Jamar W.

Job Title: Cannabis Consultant / Delivery Specialist
Joined Medithrive: March 2019

Jamar was born in Berkeley, California in the 1980s baby! He loves pitbulls, indica, jewelry design, and gardening. As a spiritual man, he follows the Backwood Religion and listens to the lessons of Nature as his guide. Jamar lives by the words of the Father of Thizz, “I’m just doing what I do.” Working at Medithrive is his “favorite job in the world!”

Jose c.

Job Title: Buyer / Inventory Manager
Joined Medithrive: March 2019

Metric wizz, Excel spreadsheet aficionado, and cycle count extremist, Jose makes sure all of your favorite products and only the best buds are in stock. If you are a brand and want to make it on our menu, he’s the guy to talk to. In his free time, he plays frolf, cooks a mean ceviche and steak, and listens to (and sings along with) Corridos.

jose m. s.

Job Title: Delivery Specialist
Joined Medithrive: January 2020

Jose was born in Beverly Hills, California in the 1970s. He balances “the force” by supporting legalized marijuana and exercises his Jedi skills by writing on the walls. Accompanied by his pet rock D.J., he breaks up his weed before breaking up the blunt, and lives by the expression “Entre broma y broma, la verdad se asoma.” Did we mention he is multilingual? He speaks English, Spanish, and Japanese! Wow!!!

Luke L

Job Title: Cannabis Consultant
Joined Medithrive: June 2018

Luke was born in South Vietnam and is bilingual. He is a veteran Budtender at Medithrive who always looks out for his patients’ best interests. You’re in good hands with Luke! He has an extensive knowledge of cannabis products as well as awesome tips and tricks to help improve your experience. When asked what his personal favorite cannabis product is, he can’t make up his mind. Is it the exotic strains? The butter, tinctures, syrups, and live rosin dabs? He loves them all!

Lorena t.

Job Title: Cannabis Consultant / General Manager
Joined Medithrive: February 2016

Lorena was born in El Salvador and speaks fluent Spanish. She favors CBD products, calling them a “medical miracle.” When she isn’t working, you might find her sitting down at a restaurant with good food in good company, dancing, or watching comedy. She loves to laugh and does it often because “it’s the only thing in life that’s free.”


Job Title: Controller
Joined Medithrive: June 2019

ML was born in the Caribbean, considers herself Latina, but says her heart and soul is Chinese. She is multilingual, speaking Spanish, Cantonese, and English! When she is not busy keeping our finances in order and our vendors happily paid, she enjoys hiking, biking, watching movies, and spending time with friends and family.

Nick C.

Job Title: Cannabis Consultant / Assistant General Manager
Joined Medithrive: January 2018

Nick was born and raised in San Francisco and could be a tour guide to the city and its history, murals, and eateries if he wanted to. Nick is a long standing member of the Backwood Religion. He creates a positive energy that both customers and associates want to be around. When he isn’t helping to lead the Medithrive team, Nick can be found drawing and painting. I enjoy working at Medithrive because my destiny led me to this point. There are no mistakes in our path.

Sokhom P.

Job Title: Safety Specialist/Delivery Specialist
Joined Medithrive: September 2020

Sokhom was born in Thailand in the 1980s. Family is important to him, and he loves spending time with them. His love of learning led him to work in the cannabis industry where he plans to expand his knowledge as much as he can. As a traditional marijuana smoker, he is a flower connoisseur with a zest for life. He lives by the mottos: “Live life to the fullest!” and “You only live once.”

Tim p.

Job Title: Safety Specialist
Joined Medithrive: September 2020

Tim was born in Kansas City, Missouri, in the 1960s. He’s a simple man who loves to live and eat anything that comes off of a barbecue. Munching on good food and sleeping is his favorite pastime. He supports the cannabis industry and legalized marijuana because it provided him with a job when he needed it most.

Victor M.

Job Title: Cannabis Consultant / Sales Manager
Joined Medithrive: June 2018

Born in California in the 1980s, Victor comes from a Vietnamese American family who immigrated to the U.S. during the Vietnam War in the 1970s. In honor of his roots, he tries to continue his family traditions. The importance of honoring his bloodline is reflected in his favorite quote: “Ain’t nothing like a sure thang.”

Victor has a passion for the cannabis industry, working to clear the misconceptions and stigmas of the herb and spread knowledge and understanding of its health promoting benefits. He hopes to create a new generation of free thinkers who are well informed and support legalized cannabis.


Job Title: Chief Morale Officer
Joined Medithrive: May 2016

Sativa was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2010. Her parents were Pitbull and Argentinian. Her adopted papa, Ian, rescued her when she was 6 months old and they have been a family ever since. Although she cannot speak English, she does understand it fluently and works hard as the furry boss of Medithrive, breaking down boxes, and boosting everyone’s mood. When she isn’t at work, she likes long walks, car rides, and eating her mama and papa’s home cooked canine friendly meals. Her favorite cannabis product is VetCBD because it helps her with stress and anxiety. So do her two most beloved toys, her stuffed platypus and ball.

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