So you want to know how to make joints burn slower. Who could blame you? You want to get as many puffs as possible of your favorite strains of cannabis. Let us enlighten you with some tricks we’ve learned along the way about how to make joints burn slower!

1. Use a grinder.

The easiest mistake to make is not to use a grinder. If your cannabis does not have an even, fine grind, you run the risk of the joint “canoeing” – in other words, burning faster on one side.

Don’t overdo it, though; cannabis that’s too powdery can also affect the state of your joint.

Kannastör’s® unique jar grinders are some of our favorites, available online or in-store.

2. Ask our cannabis consultants for help.

The kind of strain you’re using definitely plays a role in how to make joints burn slower. If you need some advice determining which strains are best for your particular needs, our cannabis consultants are happy to answer any of your questions.

Questions to ask:

“Does this strain easily break down?”

“Will it give me an even smoke?”

Find out if any shake is available, as shake is cannabis that’s already been partially ground.

3. Know your papers.

It’s no secret that some rolling papers are better at furnishing a long-lasting smoke than others. Organic, unbleached hemp paper is your best bet, as it is not only lightweight and flavorless, but also extra slow-burning. We also like the natural, unrefined sheets made by RAW, one of the most popular rolling paper brands.

4. Roll your joint tight with multiple sheets.

If you need some pointers, educate yourself on the best way to roll a joint. The most important factor here is airflow. A tight, even joint is critical to control airflow. If you have a hard time with this when rolling the joint yourself, a simple way to get rid of the guesswork of evenness is to use a rolling machine.

Another point to consider is the use of additional sheets of paper for extra reinforcements. Not only can this help prevent canoeing, but it can also help control airflow.

5. Coat it with concentrates.

One last thing you can try when exploring how to make joints burn slower is to add cannabis concentrates – also known as “twaxing.” You can coat the outside of the joint or mix the concentrates in with the ground cannabis; either way, it will slow down burning and give you more hits.

Butter or crumble is better for the inside, while shatter works well to coat the outside.  

At the end of the day, if you want a longer-lasting joint, you can always use a larger amount of high-quality cannabis. With some knowledge about how to use grinders, papers, and concentrates to enhance your joints, you’ll be well on your way to perfecting how to make joints burn slower.

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