How to use CBD oil is a common concern for anyone who wishes to consume their medicinal cannabis in a way that doesn’t tax the lungs. Keep reading to learn more about how to use CBD oil and some of the different varieties you can find at Medithrive.

What Is CBD?

First, a minor refresher on what CBD actually is – the non-psychoactive cannabinoid most well-known for its pain-relieving properties. While studies have still been limited due to various governmental roadblocks, the research that has been done – combined with personal testimonials – shows that CBD can provide some type of relief for everything from the pain of inflammation, arthritis, and muscle spasms to epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

As more studies are conducted, the potential field for how to use CBD oil to manage and treat pain can only grow. Read up on ten of the uses for medical cannabis and explore more on CBD oil below.

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Tincture Form

How to use CBD oil most frequently is in the form of tinctures. This is also the simplest way to consume CBD oil. Using the eyedropper cap, put a drop or two of the oil under your tongue. Leave it under your tongue for a few minutes to allow for full absorption, and you’re all set! Some high-CBD tinctures include ratios of 1:1 (5mg CBD + 5mg THC) and 20:1 (9.5mg CBD + 0.5mg THC) by TreatWell.

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CBD oil can also be consumed via edibles, although THC is more commonly used. At Medithrive, you can find CBD-rich honey, as well as lozenges, chocolates, raw sipping cacao – even a mushroom and miso broth!

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Yet another instance where you might be wondering how to use CBD oil is via topicals such as lotions and creams. As you would with any other type of cream, you simply rub it on your body where you want to relieve pain, and the effects should start to take hold. At Medithrive, some of our CBD-rich topicals include Ginger Sports Rub and Pain Relieving Salve, both from Canna Care.


CBD oil can also be heated and inhaled through a vaporizer or vape pen. It’s typically available in entire bottles to fill a vaporizer or in a cartridge for one time use in a vape pen. Some varieties that are high in CBD include the CBD Enriched CO2 Cartridge and Pure CBD CO2 Cartridge, both from Emerald Farm, as well as Marley Red from Marley Natural.

Two Basic Tips For How to Use CBD Oil

Choose the right ratio.

The proper ratio is an important consideration when it comes to any type of cannabis consumption. Many products have differing amounts of CBD and THC; some are high in CBD, others are high in THC, while others still are more of a blend. Each patient’s body will have its own unique interaction with cannabis, so you can experiment with the different ratios in order to find the best combination for your medicinal purposes.

Dose properly.

Understanding dosage is everything when it comes to cannabis. If you’re a beginner to medicinal cannabis, start small. There’s no need to take one big dose right off the bat; instead, take several small doses throughout the course of the day. Take the same dose of the same ratio for a few days in a row and monitor the effects it has on you. Then you can adjust the dose or ratio accordingly. When it comes to how to use CBD oil, the mantra “less is more” is always worth remembering.

How to use CBD oil is really quite simple, whether you partake in tincture form, edibles, or vaping cartridges. The possibilities of pain relief afforded by this ever-increasingly-studied cannabinoid can only continue to grow, and Medithrive is proud to offer not only CBD in its purest oil form via tinctures and cartridges, but infused within edibles as well. Browse our full menu to explore ALL the varieties of medicinal cannabis you can find at Medithrive.