Many people are aware of the medical benefits that cannabis has to offer, but not to many know about the consumer benefits. Extracting hemp from cannabis plants has given companies a natural alternative to the materials that may be costly to use. Leafly put together a list of some of the best, funkiest, and weirdest hemp shoes on the market.

Hemp Shoes: Sweet Kicks or Hippie Bricks? Our Guide to the Greatest and Ghastliest

By Lisa Rough

Nike recently announced that it will be releasing a special new line of hemp sneakers just in time for 4/20. The Swoosh brand has released commemorative shoes for special occasions in the past, but we’re more than a little tickled that its latest creation is inspired by the speciesCannabis sativa L. Called the “Hemp” Dunk Low, the sneakers are constructed from real hemp and will be released in the United States on April 20th.

In honor of these new fly-high kicks, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest and ghastliest hemp shoes ever devised – from the funky to the fresh, we’ve looked at them all. Which pair would you wear?

The Greatest

Our choice for the coolest hemp-inspired footwear comes from Vans. The Bali SF is available for just $52. Not only do they look comfy, they come in multiple colors, including the classic “Hemp Black/Rasta,” making them hard to resist since they appeal to your inner Rastafarian.

Degree of hempness: 1 irate Harry Anslinger

The Hippest

Hemp-loving hipsters, rejoice! TOMS, the environmentally-friendly shoe company known for its philanthropic efforts as part of the “buy one, give one” program, offers a multitude of hemp shoes for both men and women, so your heart will feel as awesome as your feetsies once you slip these puppies on.

Degree of hemponomy: 2 glasses of hemp milk

The Funkiest

Our vote for funkiest hemp high tops goes to the Tubular X Mens from Adidas Originals. These shoes have serious lift, but they take a bold personality to pull them off. If you feel like tapping through town in shoes inspired by Marty McFly’s self-lacing futuristic sneakers from Back to the Future 2, this is the shoe for you!

Degree of hempopathy: 1 fifth of hemp-infused artisanal vodka

The Comfiest

These boaters aren’t the most fashionable, but they’ll leave your feet feeling as easy and breezy as walking on a cloud. Sanuk offers a plethora of hemp shoes, but these Sidewalk Surfers are perfect for cruising the pavement. They scream that you are cool, casual, and have no interest in fashion but every interest in kushy comfort. Bonus: The description reads “Just because you can roll it doesn’t mean you can smoke it…”

Degree of hemporization: 1 quinoa and hemp seed oil salad

The Classiest

I know, I know. You hear the phrase “hemp shoes” and your first thought is the antithesis of fashionable class. However, the Waveoff Lace to Toe Oxford would beg to differ. These lace-ups are inspired by the classic Oxford shoe but combine hemp and leather to create an everyday look that is quite on point.

Degree of hempism: 3 gallons of filtered hemp biodiesel fuel

The Rarest

These bad boys were constructed entirely from Nepalese hemp, are handmade by artisans in Kathmandu, and are available exclusively from your friendly, everyday Etsy shop,TheHimalayanEmporium. They are entirely unique and (unfortunately) one of a kind.

Degree of hempitude: 5 stalks of unrefined hemp fiber

Most Cliché

You guessed it – hemp sandals! From Nomadic State of Mind, these sandals are essentially hemp rope wrapped in various patterns around your toes. They’re easy to slip on and are ideal for lounging on the beach, perfect for music festivals, and versatile enough to guide you on any adventure of your choosing.

Degree of hemposophy: A hemp seed and hemp milk smoothie

The Ugliest

Despite their *ahem* “unique” appearance, these five-finger toe shoes are not all that uncommon, and when you consider the target demographic, a hemp version of these minimalist hush puppies make a whole lotta sense. They may not be the sexiest style, but the CVT-Hemp shoes from Vibram offer a unique, barefooted feel, bringing your inner hippier nature lover as close to running barefoot through the forest as possible.

Degree of hempacity: 200 tubes of hemp oil lip balm

The Weirdest

It was quite a feat to find the weirdest, funkiest, most unique shoes made entirely from hemp, but we think we’ve found them from a London-based fashion designer who took it upon herself to make a high heel without any stitching, constructed from 3D printing technology and a variety of materials, including hemp. Unfortunately, these shoes were a mock-up only and not for sale, but check them out! They’re fascinatingly shaped and oddly textured. Would you wear them?