You want to make the absolute most out of the cannabis you have, and that usually means storing it away to be smoked another day. However, not all cannabis storage space is created equal; if not put away properly, your precious buds can grow mold, dry out, or completely disintegrate.

To help keep your stash safe, here are our top five favorite cannabis storage tips.

The Best Cannabis Storage is Air-Tight

Some people may want to keep their plants in loose containers for easier access throughout the day. While we understand that desire, by keeping your cannabis in weak containers like plastic baggies or envelopes, you’re also weakening the potency of your buds.

If you’re allowing your plant’s odor to leak out into the open air, you’re also releasing its moisture, leading to plants that are dried out and burn unevenly. The best way to prevent this problem is to lock it up air-tight. A small glass jar is a wonderful way to maintain your plant’s moisture while also preventing the flowers from getting crushed.

The Best Cannabis Storage is Dark

As cannabis use is becoming more and more popular, the antagonizing “basement-dwelling stoner” trope is, thankfully, dying off. However, there is a nugget of truth to that stereotype: When keeping your cannabis safe, it’s important to store it away from sunlight.

There’s a reason why we water our lawns and lather on sunscreen during the summer; UV rays from the sun are powerful and dangerous. It can break down countless organic materials, and exposed sunlight will certainly cause the cannabinoids within your plants to degrade much faster. Storing your plants in a dark environment will keep them safe and potent.

The Best Cannabis Storage is Cool (But Not TOO Cool)

Did you know that mold loves growing in temperatures between 75-85 degrees? If you’re keeping plants out in such heat, with its sealed-in moisture, you have a recipe for some disgusting smokes. It’s important to keep your plants cool, so avoid storing them in places above appliances like your stove.

Now, we know you must be wondering about the coolest place in your house: the fridge. Is it safe to store your cannabis in there?

Unfortunately, if your weed gets too cold, the temperature can separate the trichomes from your plant. Trichomes, for the record, are the little microscopic protrusions that grow on your cannabis, and they contain its cannabinoids like THC and CBD. You don’t want to accidentally freeze those off, since that would render your plant almost completely useless.

The Best Cannabis Storage is Classy

Let’s say you know the best ways to safely secure your weed. You know that you need to keep it in a tightly-sealed container, in a cool place, away from harsh sunlight. You could always store all of your plants in glass jars and keep them locked away in your dresser drawer, but where’s the fun in that?

If you want to add some flair to your cannabis storage, a humidor is a perfect solution. Not only is it specifically designed to keep the humidity levels within nice and steady, but a lot of them are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as well. If you can’t find a humidor specifically designed for cannabis, a cigar humidor works just as well. These simple boxes remove any negative “secret stash” stereotypes and add a hint of class to your cannabis collection.

The Best Cannabis Storage is Convenient

With a list this detailed, it would be easy to think that properly storing cannabis would be a huge drag. Fortunately, Medithrive offers a wide assortment of containers for keeping your plants safe and sound!

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 5.11.17 PM

The TightVac Air-Tight storage jar is specifically designed to be one of the best cannabis storage units on the market. Simply store your weed inside and press down on the push cap lid. This creates a vacuum seal, keeping your plant’s moisture and cannabinoids intact without breaking a sweat.

If you’re more of an on-the-go kind of person, the Ryot HeadCase Hardcase is designed for you. Not only does this carrying case keep your cannabis’s odors from escaping, but it’s also completely weatherproof. It definitely beats carrying your weed around in a plastic sandwich bag. Best of all, unlike humidors, each and every one of our storage containers are convenient and affordable!

These are the best cannabis storage tips to keep your buds lasting longer and staying potent. Don’t have any plants to store away? Check out the Medithrive menu for a variety of different strains, and order online today.