Cannabis meditation has been an integral part of spiritual practices since ancient times. Tantric Buddhism, for example, involves the use of cannabis to facilitate deep meditation and heightened awareness. A more recent religious group that venerates the possibilities of cannabis is the Rastafari movement, which believes cannabis is the key to understanding one’s self, the universe, and God.

But you don’t need to ascribe to a particular set of religious beliefs in order to partake in cannabis meditation; anyone can meditate for any reason at all, and cannabis can help.

Why Meditate?

Meditation offers numerous health benefits on its own. Meditation relaxes your body, which can help lower blood pressure, decrease metabolism, boost your immune system, and improve everything from heart rate and breathing to brain waves and your ability to concentrate.

Cannabis, as you know, shares the relaxing properties of meditation, along with other effects such as combatting stress and depression. It makes sense then that to combine cannabis with meditation would amplify the effects. At the crux of this connection is that those who use cannabis believe it helps slow down the mind in order to enter a state of “profound stillness” with heightened awareness, which is crucial for meditation.

History of Cannabis Meditation

Cannabis has a history of medicinal use even here in the United States; tinctures were employed as medicine all across the country right up until the 1930s, when the government started cracking down on cannabis.

Well before that, however, cultures all around the world had been employing cannabis for not only its medicinal purposes. Cannabis has been used in conjunction with spiritual practice and medicinally historically throughout India, China, Japan, Ancient Iran, Ancient Europe, and Africa.

In Ancient Iran, hemp was the first in a list of 10,000 medicinal plants in the Zend-Avesta, a religious text of the ancient religion Zoroastrianism. Historians have also pointed out that in ancient Iran, hemp smoke was known to bring about shamanic ecstasy.

In India, for example, Ayurvedic medicine has employed cannabis to treat numerous health conditions for at least three thousand years. In the Himalayas and Northern India, Tantric Buddhists regularly engage in cannabis meditation for a heightened experience – to this day.

Cannabis Meditation: How-To  

The first tip is the easiest: you’ll want to ingest cannabis while you’re already in meditation position, so that you can slip into meditation as the cannabis starts to kick in. If you’re concerned about the effect of smoking on your ability to breathe well, you can always consume the cannabis in a different form: edibles, tinctures, even topicals (see below for more on that!).

The biggest thing is to concentrate on your breath. If you’re new to cannabis meditation, you might realize how restless your mind is even when you’re not actively thinking about something. Don’t panic if you can’t stop thinking; let the thoughts come and go, while continuing to focus on your breathing, as well as embracing the relaxing effects of the cannabis you consumed. This is why meditation is often accompanied by a mantra. If you’re feeling distracted, try the most simple, yet widely known, mantra of them all: om. Breathe in, breathe out.

As with any mindful activity, it helps to have a goal in mind. Perhaps you want to be less stressed in general, perhaps you want to develop deep, acute focus and mental fortitude. Whatever your goal is, the more you practice meditation, the easier (and more beneficial) it will be to you.

Strains for Cannabis Meditation

Lamb’s Bread

We have to recommend Jamaican sativa for two reasons: it was Bob Marley’s favorite strain and even though it’s a sativa, it offers a calming cerebral effect – perfect for cannabis meditation.

Kosher Kush

You might be thinking that indicas make more sense for cannabis meditation, which is why this heavy indica is the next strain on our list. Kosher Kush will put your mind at ease while easing every muscle into anesthetic relaxation. Try Sour Kosher, which is a hybrid between Sour Diesel and Kosher Kush. Medithrive also carries Kosher Kush resin for an even more potent experience!

Hindu Kush

It almost makes too much sense, but there you have it. Another indica, Hindu Kush, prompts a calming, trance-like mental state, with a flavor that brings incense to mind – the perfect partner for concentrated cannabis meditation.

Topicals for Cannabis Meditation


Yet another form of consumption to consider for cannabis meditation is topicals – and Medithrive has just the perfect one! The Holy Anointing Oil from OMedibles has been created using a recipe from the Bible, with the addition of a few more essential oils to provide even more therapeutic relief. Use anywhere on the body for a warming, opening effect; combine it with meditation and let the healing begin.

Now that you know more about cannabis meditation, consider introducing it to your daily or weekly routine for a host of benefits it can provide. Be mindful, focus on your breath, and you’ll start to feel the stress melt away. As always, find all your favorite strains for meditation and medication at Medithrive.