Chances are, you or one of your loved ones has been impacted by cancer. When this beast rears its ugly head, it’s no wonder patients turn to any form of relief they possibly can. Cannabis has long been semi-accepted as a medical means of dealing with the symptoms caused by cancer treatment, but legal roadblocks have prevented it from exhibiting its full potential. Depending on your state’s medical marijuana laws, you may or may not have access to cannabis for medicinal purposes. We’re here to inform you of the many ways that cannabis for cancer patients doesn’t just make sense – it makes one of life’s most terrible and, unfortunately, common ordeals a little more bearable.

How Cannabis Helps

We’ve explored how the cannabinoids THC and CBD bind to the receptors found in your body’s endocannabinoid system – a system primarily concerned with pain sensation, appetite, mood, and memory. This is how cannabis offers medicinal relief in a variety of ways, from strains high in CBD known for their anti-inflammatory properties, to strains high in THC that target areas of pain.

Relief During Cancer Treatment

The morbid irony that comes along with having cancer is the fact that treating it can be as traumatic as the disease itself. This is where medical cannabis for cancer patients can make the most impact. Read on about the symptoms cannabis can help with, as well as some of the best strains to target specific conditions.    


Pain is one of the most common symptoms resulting from cancer and its treatment, such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Strains high in both THC and CBD tend to be the most effective pain relievers. Some great strains for treating pain include the invigorating sativa-dominant Sour Diesel, the high-CBD hybrid AC/DC, and the sativa-dominant Harlequin.   


One of the most infamous symptoms of chemotherapy can be assuaged by strains with potent stomach-calming properties, such as the sativa-dominant Super Lemon Haze, the Sour OG hybrid, and the indica-dominant Northern Lights.

Appetite Loss

Appetite loss naturally accompanies feelings of nausea. Strains that are known for stimulating the appetite when nothing else will are the indica-dominant Bubba Kush and Granddaddy Purple, as well as the hybrid indica Gorilla Glue.


Another inevitable symptom of dealing with cancer is depression. To boost both energy and mood, try the acclaimed hybrids Animal Cookies and OG Kush, along with the sativa-dominant Trainwreck.  


Illness and treatment more than take their toll on the body during cancer. Patients coping with extreme fatigue should turn to the potent sativa-dominant strains Pineapple Express, Chocolope, and Durban Poison. Learn more about the best sativa strains for energy.


On the flip side of fatigue, cancer patients will often find that no matter how tired they are, insomnia persists. Try the indica-dominant God’s Gift and the hybrid strains Sweet Cooks and Khalifa Kush. Learn more about the best strains for insomnia.

Methods of Cannabis Consumption

Some patients may want the option of using pure cannabis to combat their symptoms, but the idea of smoking a joint just isn’t appetizing. Luckily, there are many ways to consume cannabis for cancer patients, a few of which we’ve outlined below.


Tinctures are liquids infused with cannabis, and are stored in medicine bottles featuring eyedropper caps. The advantages of using a tincture for medicinal purposes include the fact that one or two drops of tincture under the tongue brings rapid relief, and is much more discreet than smoking or vaping. Tinctures can also be added to your favorite drink for easy public consumption!  


Edibles are foods infused with cannabis, from brownies to lozenges, and induce cannabis effects through gastrointestinal uptake, oral uptake, or a combination of the two. While it takes longer for the cannabis in edibles to be absorbed into your body, the effects tend to last longer than with smoking or vaping.


If discretion isn’t the issue – but smoke is – patients can try vaping cannabis. Proper vaping equipment prevents combustion, filtering out the harmful intoxicants in the smoke that would otherwise be entering the lungs.

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