Cannabis and music, experienced at the same time, is a wonderful thing (although they are both equally wonderful on their own). It’s not just in our heads, though – there are actually certain reasons that cannabis and music make so much sense together. Inform yourself as we explore why and how cannabis and music make such a good team.

The Brain

One of the main connections between cannabis and music is that cannabis acts on the part of the brain where auditory stimulation is processed; this explains why a user’s ability to recall lyrics and differentiate differences in sounds and other subtleties is heightened when using cannabis while listening to music. At least one reason why they are better able to recall lyrics is possibly due to the fact that a large amount of cannabinoid receptors are located in the hippocampus, which plays a role in memory formation.

The ability to notice subtle parts of a song that you may not be attuned to when not under the influence of cannabis is arguably one of the best things about listening to music with cannabis in your system. Since it can also relax people, the combination of a more relaxed state with the brain’s heightened auditory sensibilities is a great way to naturally hone in on specific components of a song. You may find yourself hearing things you have never heard before – especially if you have headphones on!

Time Perception

The ability to alter the user’s perception of time is another one of the effects of cannabis. Time and music are highly connected; after all, one of the simplest aspects of playing a song is keeping in time. It stands to reason based on that alone that if your perception of time is altered, your perception of music will be altered as well. In turn, this allows you to experience the song in an entirely different way, which is not only simply interesting and entertaining, but also breeds creativity.

Cannabis and Creating Music

Cannabis has been and will continue to be a key component in the creative processes of many musicians across all genres. Louis Armstrong, one of jazz’s most influential trumpeters, is known to be the first musician to go public with his use of cannabis as an influence on music. He famously referred to cannabis as “a thousand times better than whiskey … it’s an assistant — a friend.”

From the psychedelic sounds of the Beatles’ mid-’60s period and Jimi Hendrix, to the love of cannabis that country outlaw Willie Nelson is so well known for, to the Rastafarian reggae of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh’s plea to “Legalize It,” and Dr. Dre’s infamous “smoke weed everyday” (not to mention The Chronic), an appreciation of cannabis and its powers is present in virtually every popular genre. Bob Dylan, Black Sabbath, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Wiz Khalifa, Sublime… the list goes on and on and on!

Open Your Mind

Perhaps one of the reasons cannabis is so important to musicians is that it opens minds to a larger appreciation of sonic stimuli. When using cannabis, people who are normally interested in one type of music can sometimes find themselves more likely to appreciate the musicality behind other genres. But it’s not just the work of others that cannabis can open your mind to; it can also help musicians reflect on their own work in a different light, which allows for even more creativity and unique expression to come through.

Another component to opening one’s mind via cannabis is related to what is called divergent thought – the ability to connect concepts that seem unrelated. One group of researchers discovered that cannabis magnifies the brain’s divergent thought abilities; if creativity is connected to divergent thought, as many seem to agree on, then heightening the capacity for divergent thought through cannabis is an excellent way to prime your brain to plumb the depths of your creativity.

Music as Medicine

Some studies have shown that music can have medical benefits ranging from calming people and decreasing pain awareness to promoting energy and focus of the mind. Cannabis, of course, produces many similar effects, which naturally leads one to wonder if cannabis and music could be employed simultaneously for medicinal purposes. The research worlds of cannabis and music have not really overlapped, but as the legal status of cannabis continues to change, it will hopefully give society a chance to find out even more about how to optimize human health.

Now that you know why cannabis and music complement each other so well, arm yourself with your favorite strains from Medithrive, available in-store or via delivery 7 days a week! Sit back, relax, and get medicated to the strains of your favorite songs.