When you want to enjoy cannabis by way of good old-fashioned smoking, you need to know the best way to roll a joint. While there are multiple variations of rolling and many users have engineered their own tips and tricks on the path to lighting up, we’ve laid out a step-by-step guide below on the basics of the best way to roll a joint.

step 1

1. Select Your Rolling Paper

The quality of your paper impacts the quality of your experience. Many people grab wood pulp rolling paper at the gas station, not realizing these ingredients affect the flavor of the smoke. We recommend organic unbleached hemp paper, which is lightweight, flavorless, and extra slow-burning. To pack the ultimate punch, try RAW king-size rolling papers, which are also natural and unrefined.

step 2

step 2.1

2. Grind Your Cannabis

You’ll need to break down your cannabis nuggets before you pack it into a joint. The easiest way to do this is with a grinder. Dried cannabis breaks down easily and using a grinder will keep your fingers from getting sticky.

step 3

3. Add a Filter

A filter, sometimes called a crutch or a tip, will keep your cannabis from falling out of the other end or into your mouth as you smoke. It’s not essential for rolling a joint, but it will make the experience less messy and last longer – you’re able to smoke the entire joint without burning your lips or creating a soggy tip (which isn’t all that appetizing if you’re passing it around!). You can buy filters or make some out of thin cardboard or business cards. Fold the end of the cardboard like an accordion and then roll it to the desired thickness of your joint.

step 4

4. Fill and Arrange the Cannabis

While holding the paper with the glue side facing up and towards you, fill the empty space with ground cannabis and place the filter at the lefthand side. You may decide to arrange the cannabis like a cone, with less at the tip where the filter is and more toward the end. Pre-shaping the cannabis will make rolling easier.

step 5

5. Pack Your Joint

Pinch the paper between your fingertips and roll it back and forth between them, gradually packing the cannabis down into a tube-like shape.

step 6

step 6.1

6. Roll

Arguably the trickiest and most varied step. Use your thumbs to roll the paper over the cannabis, keeping it as tight as possible. You may want to start with the filter side to help guide the paper as it rolls around itself. As you continue to roll you’ll see the glue side facing up and out at you. Tuck that glue side over the paper once you have wetted it and continue rolling until you have a cylinder.

step 7

step 7.1

7. Finish

Smooth out any wrinkles on the joint and pack the end to ensure an even burn – you can use your finger or a pen, as long as you’re gentle. Twist the joint closed if you’re planning to transport it.

8. Light Up

Don’t light your joint like a cigarette! Place it in your mouth and gently rotate the joint while slowly increasing the amount of direct heat on the tip. This will allow for a long-lasting, even burn. You can also begin to burn the joint away from your mouth, to remove any excess paper at the tip.

Now that you know the best way to roll a joint, stop by Medithrive for accessories like rolling papers and the finest flower for your experience. Many of our cannabis consultants can offer additional tips and pro tricks, as well!