Let’s face it, in the age of Netflix, online streaming, and television networks with budgets worthy of blockbuster movies, many of us spend countless hours consuming TV shows. There are almost too many examples to count when it comes to the best TV shows to watch high, but we’ve attempted to narrow it down by genre with 12 of our favorites. Take a look at our suggested complementary strains, as well – we’ve found that some genres pair better with a sativa, indica, or hybrid. Now go chill to these 12 best TV shows to watch high!

Sci-Fi: Stranger Things and Black Mirror

Stranger Things is all the rage right now, and with good reason – its combination of ’80s nostalgia, alternate reality implications, and childhood heart (not to mention a badass little girl!) makes for a well-rounded sci-fi experience for all ages. Black Mirror, on the other hand, is certainly not for the kids, but offers a mind-bending journey focused on the dark side of technology.

Pair with: Durban Poison – this sativa will intensify the cerebral eeriness of sci-fi shows. Its effects include euphoria, bouts of energy, and clear thought, which will put you in the perfect mindset to contemplate the genre’s thought-provoking storylines.

Drama: Twin Peaks and True Detective, Season 1

The early ’90s (and soon to resurface!) Twin Peaks has a cult following at least partially due to its bizarre characters in a bizarre town. A good murder mystery is hard to beat, but throw in lengthy dream sequences and occasional demonic entities, and you’ve got one hell of a viewing experience. In that same vein, True Detective, Season 1, is a beautifully scripted, cinematic drama that examines humanity’s darkness with philosophical prowess.    

Pair with: Animal Cookies – this hybrid offers a solid mix of brain buzz and body effects, allowing you to sink into the dreamy depths these dramas provide while also enjoying the full extent of their philosophical underpinnings.

Fantasy: Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful

Sometimes we need the ultimate escape, taken in the form of the fantasy genre. If you haven’t heard of Games of Thrones and its intense, high-quality tangle of storylines and characters, you’re probably not reading this article to begin with. Penny Dreadful, while lesser known, provides horror-focused fantasy that will leave you breathless with both chills and feels.

Pair with: Super Trainwreck – this sativa induces energy and creativity for your viewing pleasure, but isn’t as high in THC as some sativa-dominant strains that might otherwise amp your paranoia into overdrive while watching these fantasies.

Comedy: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Arrested Development

Comedic relief is a must from time to time. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a comedy about five ridiculously selfish adults and their hilarious (often darkly so) antics. Arrested Development likewise totes the scenarios in which what may be the world’s most dysfunctional family finds themselves. Both shows remind us that laughter is a necessary antidote when life gets messy and complicated.

Pair with: 90s Glue – this is an indica powerhouse, offering overwhelming body and relaxation effects that perfectly complement the comedic laze we sometimes need after a long day of dealing with the real world.

Cartoon: Rick & Morty and Bojack Horseman

Don’t be quick to dismiss adult cartoons, especially if you’re planning to consume cannabis beforehand. Rick and Morty centers around a mad scientist who ropes his hapless grandson into some rather insane space adventures, complete with clever insights and thoughtful family dynamics. Bojack Horseman is set in a Hollywood where humans and humans-as-animals co-exist, the star of which is a has-been celebrity horse whose endless fight with depression is both amusing and touching.

Pair with: Sherbert – this indica exhibits powerful full-body effects elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy, encouraging you to settle in for cartoonish entertainment that is anything but mindless.

Documentary: Planet Earth and Cosmos

If you think you can’t learn things while you’re on cannabis, think again. Cannabis even enhances the learning experience, such as when you’re watching Planet Earth, the enthralling 11-part series focused on studying our planet’s various topographical regions and the animals that exist within them. Or, try Cosmos, circa 1980 or 2014, the epic exploration of space and time that mixes wondrous sights with fascinating knowledge.

Pair with: Jah Goo – this hybrid is extremely uplifting, helps you stay razor-sharp focused, and is sure to create a long-lasting buzz that can be felt mostly behind the eyes: the better to consume educational content at a “higher” degree of discernment.

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