Whether struck with inspiration before, during, or after consuming cannabis, there’s no denying that cannabis users are often extremely creative and inventive people. And from time to time, the worlds of invention and cannabis collide! Let’s take a look at some of the most creative bongs that users have concocted around the world.

Ice Blocks

While ice is often used in bongs to ease the harsh effects of the smoke, you can skip the middleman and make the ice itself your bong! Use a large, hollowed-out ice block and your pipe as a kind of pick, and you’re good to go!


Specifically, we’re talking about fruit with hard shells or husks, such as a coconut, watermelon, or pineapple. For a more elaborate creative bong, you can even stack multiple kinds of hollowed fruit on top of each other! Just use tinfoil to close up your air gaps.

Plastic Bottles

If you’re a regular cannabis user, the chances are good you’ve encountered plastic bottles turned into pipes or bongs. As one of the easiest homemade methods to smoke cannabis, the plastic bottle is prevalent either as a single item or with two (or more!) taped together. The larger the plastic bottle, the more ice you can add to alleviate the harshness of the smoke. Now go crazy with your choice of plastic bottle: fruit, soda, water – even honey bear bottles have been used!

Christmas Ornaments

‘Tis the season to be merry – especially if you’re using a Christmas ornament as your homemade creative bong! Bulbs work best for holding water; but don’t forget and hang this baby on the Christmas tree when your grandparents come for a visit.

Salt Shakers

Really, any kind of spice shakers will work here. Just cut a slightly larger hole in the top of the shaker and use the rest of the holes already in place as your filtration. Oh, and don’t forget to dump the salt first or your eyes might be watering after your first inhale.


Similar in concept to the plastic bottles design, you can stack your excess tupperware together with the bottoms cut out, using a cylindrical item near the top. Now, what to do with all those leftover lids?  

Pringles Cans

Ah, the classic Pringles can. Already ideal as a creative bong due to its cylindrical shape, you simply need to cut out a space to stick your pipe, duct tape it in place, and add water. Just make sure you have some more Pringles chips on hand for those inevitable post-cannabis cravings!


Say what? You can do pretty much anything with Legos, and creating a bong out of them proves it. Make sure to build your colorful hollow tower with an open space near the bottom to fit your pipe into. Afterward, use the rest of your Legos to create a vast, awesome empire!

What’s your favorite homemade bong? The possibilities are endless, and with so many cannabis strains known for their creativity-inducing side effects, particularly sativa, there’s really no reason you can’t explore building new creative bongs yourself!